Moonfruit shop ecommerce widget

moonfruit shop ecommerce widgetTurn your moonfruit website in to a moonfruit shop in minutes.

Quick Feature Summary

ShopIntegrator Moonfruit shop demo

Get Started Free If you just want to have a look and see it working then visit the ShopIntegrator Moonfruit shop demo >>> . If you're ready to try it yourself then get started by registering for our free Moonfruit shop ecommerce widget 30 day no obligation trial >>>

moonfruit shop demo

How to add moonfruit shop

Watch the video tutorial below and follow simple step by step instructions which allow you to quickly create a Moonfruit shop in your Moonfruit website by inserting a few HTML Snippets.

  1. Sign up for your FREE account trial of ShopIntegrator
  2. Logon to ShopIntegrator admin console
  3. Follow the steps below to build your online Moonfruit shop in minutes.

Insert complete moonfruit shop or individual ecommerce buttons and ecommerce widgets using the moonfruit Basic objects HTML snippet

insert ecommerce button moonfruit toolbar
add ecommerce html snippet
 Edit your moonfruit website and click the Insert button on your moonfruit toolbar

 Pick an HTML Snippet from the Basic Objects

 Insert a new HTML Snippet into the moonfruit Page or Page Master header

 Choose an ecommerce plugin from your ShopIntegrator admin console
Example: Shop Control Bar

 Copy and paste ShopIntegrator ecommerce script into your web page

Part (i) - Copy and Paste Hidden Script Once Into Your Web Page

To activate your online shop, insert an HTML Snippet in to your moonfruit Page Master and copy and paste the master shop script from your ShopIntegrator web admin into the Setup tab of your moonfruit HTML Snippet. Click Apply on the HTML Snippet.

The ShopIntegrator master shop script doesn't display anything on its own but allows all the other ShopIntegrator ecommerce plugins and shop buttons to work. You only need to perform this Part (i) step once for your entire moonfruit shop.
copy and paste shop ecommerce script into moonfruit html snippet

Part (ii) - Copy and Paste Your Ecommerce Plugin Into Your Web Page

Insert an HTML Snippet in to your moonfruit Page or Page Master where you want your shop's ecommerce button to appear.

Copy and paste from the ShopIntegrator admin console into the Setup tab of your HTML Snippet, the ecommerce button script you've chosen. Click Apply on the HTML Snippet.

Resize the HTML Snippet so your chosen ecommerce plugin button is visible in your web page.
copy and paste shop view basket ecommerce script into moonfruit html snippet

 Save your updated moonfruit page then click the moonfruit "View my site" button to see your ecommerce button working in your web page.

ecommerce buttons in moonfruit shop

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