Quick Shop Set Up: Bulk Data Upload

Instead of adding new data one by one using the administration console user interface, it is possible to quickly populate a ShopIntegrator account by bulk uploading data using Comma Seperated Values (CSV) files which allow you to define multiple records in one go for the following data types:

  • Product Categories
  • Buyer Choice Options
  • Products

Bulk Data Upload File Formats

Data Format Version: 2-1       Publish Date: 2014-07-01

The bulk upload file is a text file in Comma Separated Value file format (.csv file). You may create the file by hand using a text editor or use your spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office and choose the csv file format with the 'Save As' menu item.

In conjunction with the below details, please read the various Field Description sections in the Product Guide (see administration console, Help menu, Product Guide menu item) to see the constraints which you need to apply when defining data values for the different fields. The Product Guide covers the Product Category Manager, Buyer Choice Options Manager and the Product Manager.

You may not mix the bulk upload data. The bulk upload data for product categories, buyer choice options and products must be defined in separate files.

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