Interested in adding ShopIntegrator storefront into your clients' websites?

ShopIntegrator is the hassle free, supported ecommerce solution for your client's website ecommerce solution.


Using a hosted shopping cart solution means you don't have any software to install on your computer or web server and allows you to can create an online store design just how you like it.

Some people think that spending time maintaining your online store doesn't cost anything? The assumption there is that your time is worthless!

Using a hosted ecommerce Software as a Service (SaaS) solution reduces the cost of ownership and gives your client ecommerce support when they need it. Isn't it nice to be able to offer your client this peace of mind?

  • Saves time, removes your need for ongoing software maintenance of the database, data backups, software upgrades and patches.
  • Online shop's data stored outside of your own website, allows you to keep start-up costs down by saving money using free or lower cost web hosting plans.

Affiliates: What's in it for you?

We want you to share in our success, so if we grow our business thanks to you we want to reward you for it. For each paid subscriber we gain as a direct result of your referral, we will pay you a 20% referral commission of the pre-tax price of the subscription purchased.

How do you become a affiliate?

We're really excited that you want to join us and are looking forward to working with you.

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Other benefits for affiliate web designers/developers

There are other benefits for web designers/developers creating ecommerce enabled websites for their customers using the ShopIntegrator ecommerce service.

Free Account

We will give you a free non-expiring ShopIntegrator account for demonstration and test purposes. You may use your free account to:

  • Become more familiar with the service
  • Quickly put together customer pitches to help you win new business
  • Create an online store demo on your own website to promote your ecommerce website delivery capabilities to prospective clients

You may not use your free account to operate an online shop taking real orders. Free accounts would need to become paid for subscription accounts in order to continue using them in this capacity.

Client free trial period extensions

We understand that there are often delays when creating websites for customers. We're here to help make things easier for you and take some of the stress out of life.

You will be able to request free trial period extensions for your customers' accounts. This will give you any extra time you may need to complete the website before it goes live.

No tie-in when using our ecommerce solution

Great craftsmen use more than one tool to create their masterpieces! We know you are going to have many different tools available to you and that you will choose the ones which best fit the task in hand.

We don't expect you to only have to use the ShopIntegrator ecommerce service to build your customers online shops (we would love it if you did though!).

Help shape the future of new enhancements and features

The best way for us to enhance our service is to listen to the needs of our users.

As a web designer you will have a fantastic insight into the real world needs of your clients. Let us know what your client's are asking for and we will add this to our feature request list.

We want to help you win more business, so if we are able to enhance the service to give you and your customers what they need, everyone's a winner. Requests which have a wider market appeal are more likely to make it in to the service development lifecycle.