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Business Questions & Answers

Q: Will my ecommerce buttons and shopping cart continue to function if I stop subscribing to the service?

NO. This is a subscription service and when your subscription ends your ecommerce plugins will no longer appear on your website. You must maintain your subscription to continue using this service,

Q: Do you process and store my shoppers' credit or debit card payments?

NO. We do not process or store credit & debit card details. Your shoppers are seamlessly transferred to your connected payment gateway, e.g. Paypal, Authorize.NET, WorldPay, Sage Pay etc. during the checkout process. The payment gateway takes care of processing the customers' payment so you receive the money from your customer's order payment.

You will need to set-up an account with one of our supported third-party payment processors. The payment processor will charge you a fee directly for processing each online payment.

Q: Do you take a commission on the online ecommerce sales of my shop?

NO. We do not take a commission from the sales of your online shop like some other ecommerce providers do. Take a look at our Prices.

Q: What if you like our shopping cart and want to keep using ShopIntegrator?

Simply purchase a great value ecommerce store subscription through your ShopIntegrator web admin.

There is no need to wait until the trial is about to expire. Buy an ecommerce subscription at anytime during your free trial period and we will give you whatever free trial days you have remaining as free bonus days on your purchased subscription.

We'll send you an email reminder closer to the trial end date just in case you've forgotten.

Q: What if you don't want to keep using ShopIntegrator after the free trial?

Well - thanks for trying us out, I'm sorry we're not for you. Your free ecommerce trial will automatically expire after the trial period with no further action needed by you.

Q: Is the free account really free shopping cart software?

Yes. Create upto 50 products with an account having 25Mb free storage for file uploads such as product images and digital downloads content to sell. More features and support are available with the paid subscriptions.

Q: Can I upgrade my account at anytime?

Yes. Upgrade between account types from the Account/User Profile store admin page, only pay the difference between your current account and your new account, with the price pro-rated down for the number of days remaining on your existing subscription.

Q: What if want to buy a paid account before the 30 day full feature trial has finished?

No problem, great even! Use the 'Choose Free or Paid Account' button in the store admin homepage. We'll give you the days remaining on your free full feature trial as extra bonus days on your expiry date for your purchased subscription so you won't lose out buying early.

Q: How do you purchase a paid account subscription?

Go to the store admin page Account/User Profile page and you'll see a button on that page to purchase a subscription.

Q: Do I need to enter payments details to signup for an account?

No. We do not need any card details from you to register for an account, it is a no obligation full feature trial so you can set your store up and know it's right for you before making any decision.

Q: Why can't I choose the account type I want

Use the 'Close Account' button in the store admin Account/User Profile page.

Q: Why can't I choose the account type I want?

The account types offered are determined by the number of products you've created, the amount of file upload storage you have used and the features you are using. All features available with each account type is available here.

When you go to the account selection process you may see certain subscriptions greyed out and you can't select them. Each grey subscription will have a list of red crosses and a description of each feature you are using that is not available on the account type you want to choose. To be allowed to pick that account subscription you must first deactivate/remove your use of all the features listed with red crosses. Once you have stopped using the all the features not available on the account type you want, you may return to the account selection process and select the account type you require.

Technical Questions & Answers

Q: Do I have to know how to write HTML?

NO. As long as you are able to copy and paste the text which is generated for you, in to your web page, you will be able to add ecommerce to your website.

Q: Do I need to install any software on the web server where my website is hosted?

NO. There is no need to install any software onto the web server where your website is hosted. You only have to paste the text we generate onto your webpage.

Q: Can ShopIntegrator add features to a shopping cart I am already using?

NO. We're good, but it's not magic! If your current site's ecommerce shopping cart is not giving you the features you need, then you can replace your current ecommerce buttons and shopping cart with ShopIntegrator, and keep the rest of your website's pages 'as-is'.

Q: Will my ecommerce plugin tags work inside HTML forms on my webpage?

YES. The ecommerce plugin tags will not interfere with your HTML forms.

Q: Can I add my ShopIntegrator shopping cart into more than one website?

YES. You can add your shopping cart and ecommerce buttons into multiple websites.

When you do add your shopping cart into more than one website, your ecommerce buttons and shopping cart styling would be common across each of your websites, showing your same business contact details and sending order payments to your same checkout payment processor accounts.

If you need your ecommerce buttons and shopping cart to have different styling, business contact details and payment gateway accounts across your different sites, you'll need separate ShopIntegrator subscriptions.