Collect online donations and accept 'Pay What You Want' pricing

A flexible solution to collect variable online donations and contributions from your website.

Collect donations & contributions

collect donations and accept pay what you want contributions

Allow the buyer to choose the value they wish to give.

Set a minimum price leaving the user to choose what they consider a 'fair amount'.

Studies have shown that when people decide what they are going to give, their willingness to pay more increases when they feel more in control of the amount.

  • Charity sites and non profit organisations
  • Freeware software providers wanting to accept donations
  • Collect bids for auctions

Buyer chooses value 'Pay what you want' pricing

Many musicians find loyal fans are often willing to pay more when they buy music from their favourite band's website instead of through a third party, such as iTunes.


'Pay what you want' pricing is gaining momentum with its use in the creative industry.

An increasing number of software and music providers are selling digital content with flexible 'pay what you want' pricing that is resulting in increased sales revenue from happy customers.

  • Set a minimum price allowing the buyer free to decide what they consider a 'fair price' at or above the minimum
  • 'Pay what you want' pricing strengthens the sellers community by avoiding the perception of 'unfairness' when the seller doesn't impose a price, as it's the buyer who decides

Music fans are more likely to buy direct from their favourite artists website to support their favourite band when they know the money is going directly to the musician.

Loyal fans are often willing to pay more than the minimum price to support their favourite artist, allowing them to focus on creativity and not have to worry about covering costs.