Managing your store

Easy to use web admin system to set up your store and manage the ongoing operation of your shopping cart's products, shipping, orders, payments, donations, discounts and offers.

Product and inventory management

product inventory stock quantity control

Sell products, services, and collect donations from your website.

Create your store's products then add ecommerce buttons into your website to sell them.

Manage stock quantities, product options, product personalisation requirements and other product details.

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Sell digital downloads

Easily sell digital download products from your website with the ShopIntegrator digital download cart.

ShopIntegrator securily stores your digital download files and automatically manages the delivery of purchased files to your shopper.

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sell digital downloads

Sell deliverable products

Sell deliverable goods

Shipping plan creators let you calculate customer order delivery costs at the checkout.

Offer shoppers multiple shipping plans at the checkout which vary delivery costs by country, weight, order value.

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Add international country and regional taxes

Set up global tax rates for your online store on a per-country basis or break it down to regional sales taxes.

Whether it's EU VAT, or US Sales tax, Canadian HST/PST/GST, Australian GST, New Zealand GST, or something else, you name it we've got it covered.

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Add international country and regional taxes

Improve sales and build customer loyalty with promotions.

Discount coupon codes and gift vouchers

Create discount coupon codes and single-use gift vouchers.

Create money off and percentage off discount coupons and gift vouchers to keep existing customers interested, promote new ranges of products and attract new buyers to your online store.

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Manage customer orders

Quickly manage and process orders as they arrive.

Speed up order processing with automated invoice document creation with integrated shipping label.

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customer order manager

Sell internationally with multi-currency pricing

multi-currency ecommerce

Add a multi-currency picker ecommerce add-in into your website and all your website's ShopIntegrator powered store prices will change to show the shoppers chosen currency.

Your store defaults to your country's local currency for you to set up your store prices.

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Talk your customers language with multilingual ecommerce

Increase your online store's sales from International shoppers with a choice of 7 languages for your storefront.

An online store with a choice of languages increases the percentage of International shoppers completing the checkout.

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multilingual ecommerce storefront

Thirdparty code integration

Integrate thirdparty code

Thirdparty sales and marketing solutions can be a great way to increase the number of buyers on your website to drive up sales.

Integrating thirdparty code into the online store order completion web page allows you to track Return on Investment (ROI) from each initiative, such as Google Adwords conversion tracking.

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Take donations and contributions

A flexibile solution to collect variable payment amounts from your website.

'Pay What You Want' pricing can increase sales revenue from loyal fans and supporters willing to pay more than the minimum amount.

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collect donations and accept pay what you want contributions