Talk your customers language with multilingual ecommerce

Increase your online store's sales from International shoppers with a choice of 7 ecommerce languages for your storefront.

Multilingual e-commerce storefront in 7 languages

multi-language shopping cart
A multi-language and multi-currency online store will increase sales from International shoppers.

A foreign language speaker is more likely to complete the store checkout in their native language if given the choice.

When the shopper can choose their preferred language it will decreases cart abandonment figures which may have otherwise occurred due to language problems experienced during ordering.

An ecommerce storefront which operates in 7 languages:

  • English storefront language
  • Italian / Italiano storefront language
  • Spanish / Español storefront language
  • Portuguese (Brazil) / Português (Brasil) storefront language

  • French/Français storefront language
  • German/Deutsch storefront language
  • Swedish / Svenska storefront language

Multi-language customer experience

The customer receives an consistent multilingual shopping experience across all stages of your online store:

  • Online shop messages and text labels
  • Ecommerce buttons
  • Shopping cart checkout

  • Completed order invoice and receipt emails
  • Order completed web page
  • Customer digital download portal

multi-language payment processing

The shopping cart software transfers the customer's language choice into the thirdparty payment processing stage of the order checkout.

The shopper is then able to confidently enter their secure payment details at the payment gateway in their own language.

Run the storefront in different languages on different web pages

Deliver the correct language to the shopper upfront without the need for them to change the online store language.

Over 1.7 billion people worldwide use the 7 supported ecommerce languages available in the shopping cart. 

 Source: Wikipedia

It's possible to add the shopping cart into your different websites and web pages with the storefront automatically displaying the matching language of each different web site or web page.