Product and Inventory Management

Sell your products and services with ShopIntegrator. Create your store's products then add ecommerce buttons into your website to sell them.

Manage your store's products

product inventory stock quantity control Manage product images, stock levels, product options, categories and shopper product personalisation.

Change product photos, prices, options, stock levels and other details in your ShopIntegrator web admin to automatically update the products on your website.

Product images

Display multiple product pictures to the buyer for the products and services you are selling.

online store product images

Manage products in categories

online store product category management

Product categories make managing your products easier.

Assign products to multiple product categories, such as a product which is part of the "Table" category, the "Furniture" category and in the "Sale" category.

  • Apply special offers and discounts to entire product categories in one go.
  • Add individual product categories into your web page to add lists of products for sale
  • Add multiple product categories into your website with a product menu bar to change between the different lists of products

Realtime stock quantity inventory management

product inventory stock quantity control Avoid overselling products that become out of stock with ShopIntegrator's advanced realtime stock control capabilities.

Your ecommerce add-ins automatically start displaying when a product is out of stock so that a customer is unable to purchase the item until you have more in-stock.

Product buyer choice options

online store product options

Give your shopper choices on their product with product option lists and product variants.

  • Share product option lists: Re-use the same option lists across multiple products to avoid entering the same options over and over for similar products
  • Product option price & weight modifiers: Change a product's price and shipping weight based on the selected product option
  • Realtime product option updates: Changes to option lists in your web admin take effect on what you've already pasted into your website

Sell personalised & customised products

sell personalised products sell customised items

Capture free text entry for shopper product personalisation.