Sell digital downloads

Easily sell digital download products from your website with the ShopIntegrator digital download cart.

Sell audio & music tracks, sell e-books, sell large video downloads, sell software, sell multimedia and more...

Sell digital products, sell e-books, sell audio tracks, sell multimedia, sell software ShopIntegrator securily stores your digital download files and automatically manages the delivery of purchased files to your shopper.

In just a few simple steps you could sell downloads, with no programming skills required.

Give your customers a super-fast digital download product delivery everytime through our global Content Delivery Network.

Three simple steps to start selling digital downloads

Once you have registered for your Free Ecommerce Button Trial there are only three easy steps to sell digital downloads from your website!

  Create a product, upload and attach files to make it a download product

  Enter your payment processor account details (e.g. your PayPal email address)

  Copy and paste the Buy Now or Add to Cart buttons in to your website

Our demo video shows you how to sell a digital download e-Book with PayPal as the payment processor. However, it could just as easily be any of the other payment processors you want to use for your download store which we already have checkout connectors for.

High-speed global delivery of purchased digital products

Sell digital products super fast global content delivery network Purchased downloads are made available to the buyer through the Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN), giving you a high-capacity, secure automated global digital sales solution.

Super-fast digital product delivery through a CDN gives your customers an exceptional download experience capable of handling many customers at the same time.

  • Downloads are immediately distributed to buyers through a high speed network of 27 edge server locations across the world.
  • Download servers are geographically positioned near to customers wherever they are located, creating an incredibly fast and efficient download experience for the buyer.
  • Securely store unlimited files with a massive capacity of up to 5 terabytes each
  • Amazon S3ís fault tollerance protects against infrastructure failures

Digital downloads without relying on emailed links

Download Without Email LinksAvoid relying on an emailed link to your shopper to give them their purchased digital download!

An email with a link to a digital download from an unfamiliar sender like your store is probably going to be categorised as SPAM, never to be seen by the shopper as it ends up lost in their SPAM filter.

This inevitably leads to a confused shopper getting in contact with you to find out where their purchased files are and could mean the shopper never buys from you again!

Using ShopIntegrator, your customers are able to buy digital downloads from you and have immediate access to their purchased files as soon as they complete their payment, without the need to logon to their email account and wait for a link to arrive.

  • Avoid becoming spam and annoying your shoppers and losing business because your store's digital download email falls in to a customers SPAM filter!
  • Avoid creating work for yourself manually having to send out digital downloads to customers who failed to receive an emailed link

Control your shopper's digital download order

Download TimerControl length of time allowed for file downloads in an order

Download CounterControl number of file downloads allowed for an order

Brand your Customer Download Portal with your business details, customising it with:

  • Banner Image Header/Logo which will replace the whole top section of the Customer Download portal web page
  • Colour Theme to have font colours and background colours matching the colour chosen for your online shop ecommerce plugins and checkout process screens
  • Your Own Customer Message may be displayed to your customers so you can provide a personal greeting or inform them of special offers or issue discount codes to encourage repeat business
  • Your Email Contact Address is shown in case the customer has a question he needs to contact you about

Customer download screenshots

Your shopper moves through the store checkout, secure payment and on to the digital download as follows:

Copy and Paste Buy Now/Add to Cart Buttons to Sell Digital Downloads from your site

Sell Digital download with Buy Now Button in website

Step 1 Add Download Buy Now Button

ShopIntegrator makes it easy to copy and paste ecommerce buttons in to your website to turn it in to a download store to sell your e-books, audio tracks, multimedia or any other files.

ShopIntegrator Shopping Cart Checkout Page in your Website

Download Store Checkout

Step 2 Confirm Order

Shopper creates their order and moves through your ShopIntegrator store checkout.

Secure Payment - Choose How To Pay

Choose How to Pay

Step 3 Choose How to Pay

This example shows the shopper checking out through the Pay Pal payment gateway. It could just as easily be any of the other payment processors you want to use for your download store that your ShopIntegrator checkout already has pre-built checkout connectors for.

People without a Pay Pal account may choose to pay you for their order with a Debit/Credit Card or people with a Pay Pal account may logon to complete their order quickly with a Pay Pal payment.

Secure Payment - Confirm Order and Make Payment

Make Payment

Step 4 Make Payment

This example shows the shopper using Pay Pal to confirm their order and complete their payment in to your Pay Pal account.

Secure Payment - Purchase Completed

Purchase Completed

Step 5 Payment Made

This example shows the Pay Pal page following a completed payment. After 10 seconds, your shopper is then automatically transferred from Pay Pal to your ShopIntegrator account's completed order details page.

Completed Order Details

Step 6 Completed Order Details

Your shopper is automatically returned back to your ShopIntegrator store's completed order details page where they may click straight through to download their purchased files.

The shopper is also sent an email with instructions on how to download their purchased files in case they wish to download the purchased files at a later date.

Shopper Digital Download Portal

Step 7 Download Purchased Files

Your Shopper's Digital Download Portal presents all of the files available for download for each of the products they've purchased in their order.

The shopper is able to see how many times you've granted them to download each purchased file in the order and how long you're allowing them before their ability to download expires. You may also show the shopper a message from your store, maybe informing them of special offers or to issue them a discount code to encourage repeat business.

Your shopper will also see any previous orders they've made with you over the last 14 days.

Customer Order Email Receipt with Download Link

Step 8 Email Receipt & Download Link

You may optionally send you shopper a receipt email for their order which contains the link to your ShopIntegrator powered digital download portal.

This gives your shopper the flexiblity to return later to download their purchased file or makes it easy for them to download the file on to multiple devices, like their mobile smart-phone (Apple iPhone/Android), their tablet (Apple iPad/Android tablet) and their PC. Providing they are within the constraints you have set for the maximum number of downloads and download expiry date on their purchased files.