Shopping cart features summary

Today these are our shopping cart's features, but we're always busy creating exciting new features to keep giving you more.

Manage your store

Easy to use web admin system to set up your online store.

Manage the ongoing operation of your shopping cart's products, shipping, orders, payments, donations, discounts, vouchers, special offers, currencies and languages.

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Manage your store

Design your shopping cart's look to match your website

Design your shopping cart

Easy point and click customisation for a novice to use, powerful capabilities for a web designer.

Style your ecommerce to seamlessly blend into your website.

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Add a shopping cart into your website to turn it into an online store

Easily add ecommerce buttons and a shopping cart into your website to create a professional looking online store.

Step-by-step ecommerce integration guides walk you through how to add the ShopIntegrator shopping cart into your website's HTML template, Content Management System or DIY Site Builder.

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Add shopping cart to website

Making it easy to connect your shopping cart to your payment processor

connect shopping cart to payment processor

Accept debit and credit payments and PayPal payments, as well as offline payment checkout methods.

Your shopping cart connects with several popular payment gateways, making it easy for you to start processing online payments.

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Secure hosted shopping cart solution

ShopIntegrator's hosted shopping cart service is a secure ecommerce solution you can trust.

Rest assured that you're choosing a McAfee SECURE and PCI compliant shopping cart solution.

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secure pci compliant hosted shopping cart

Mobile ecommerce checkout

mobile ecommerce shopping cart

Making it easy for shoppers to buy on the move.

A beautiful mobile ecommerce checkout experience optimised for shoppers with small screen smart-phone and mini-tablet devices.

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