Add a complete online store into your website

Publish Date: 2014-01-21

Overcome the limitations of your current website hosting provider's online shop ecommerce solution by adding a complete ShopIntegrator online store into your website in a matter of minutes.

ShopIntegrator shopping cart version 5.0 released

ShopIntegrator Shopping Cart version 5.0 ShopIntegrator shopping cart version 5.0 released with amazing new ecommerce features.

Quickly and easily add a professional looking online store into your website with a few simple to follow steps.

ShopIntegrator gives you an easy add-in store solution whoever your site is hosted with, whether it's a standalone HTML template, a WordPress CMS or built with a popular site builder such as Weebly, Yola, Moonfruit, GoDaddy, 1&1 MyWebsite, 123-reg, Vistaprint, Webs, Webnode, SiteJam, SquareSpace .... to name just a few!

Drop in an online store into any website

An easy way to build an online store, with a simple point and click store designer to change the look of your shop's design to match the look and feel of your website.

add online store

Your online store ecommerce plugin inserts everything into your web page needed by the shopper to browse your different lists of products, keep track of their cart items and open the cart checkout to pay for their order through our growing number of connected online store payment processors.

Add an entire online store into your website, regardless of who your website is hosted with, by simply copying and pasting the new ShopIntegrator 'Add Store' ecommerce widget into your web page. 


Fully manage the products for sale from your webstore and the look of your online shop's design using your store's web admin point and click Appearance Manager style designer.

The ShopIntegrator 'Add Store' ecommerce widget inserts all these ecommerce store features into your web page in one go:

  • Shop control bar with cart summary and checkout links to open the cart
  • Product menu bar to let shoppers view your different groups of products by category
  • List of products for sale in each category with a choice of different product image sizes to choose from

'Add Store' add-in interactive demo arrow pointing online store demo .... get clicking!

Attach multiple images to your store's products

online store product images

Use your online store web admin to upload and attach multiple product images to your products, services and downloads.

online store product images

Whatever you're selling, show it off to your buyers from every angle! 


Showcase multiple product images to the shopper for the goods and services you are selling, anything from beautiful jewellery product photos to album cover artwork for selling music digital downloads.

  • Upload and attach multiple product images to your products in your online store admin
  • Optimised thumbnail images automatically created for your store's products
  • Display product images in your web page ecommerce button add-ins

Shopping cart checkout product thumbnail images

Display product images in your web pages and shopping cart checkout.

product thumbnail images in checkout

New 'Shop Control Bar' ecommerce plugin

Merchants choosing to build their online store with our existing range of standalone ecommerce product buttons and ecommerce widgets have a new 'Shop Control Bar' available in their ecommerce store builder tool-kit.

The new 'Shop Control Bar' ecommerce plugin combines several other ecommerce add-in features into a single ecommerce add-in, easy to style through the store web admin Appearance Manager, and quick to copy and paste into your web page wherever you want it to appear in your web page.

All of these online store capabilities are inserted into your site when you copy and paste the shop control bar into your web page;

  • Selection of different coloured shopping bag icons to choose from
  • Show Total Quantity of Items
  • Show Total Cost of Items
  • View Cart/Basket link
  • Checkout link
  • Change Currency Control (only when multiple currencies active)

Improved product management

The online store web admin product manager has an improved product detail editor. A new point and click WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) product detail editor makes it easy to create rich formatted text and HTML when describing your products for sale.

online store product detail wysiwyg editor

The assignment of product categories to products is now easier to manage. Product categories may now also be marked as 'Publicly Visible' or 'Internal Use Only'.

  • 'Publicly Visible' product categories appear as an additional product menu in your online store so your shoppers may browse your products lists by category
  • 'Internal Use Only' : product categories do not appear in your store's product menu so are ideal for using to manage your store's products with exposing the assigned products as other distinct lists.

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