New gift voucher codes and donation capabilities

Publish Date: 2013-04-26

Improve your sales with gift vouchers, enhanced discount coupon features, take flexible donation amounts or offer 'Pay What You Want' pricing.

New gift vouchers and discount coupon enhancements

bulk voucher codes discount codes import upload

Online promotions are a great way to enhance customer brand loyalty via money off or percentage off discounts for loyal customers or promotional give-aways.

Merchants need to have as many options as they can in today's commercial climate to keep up with customer expectations.

Promotions are a great way to keep existing customers interested, promote new ranges of products and attract new buyers.

  • Money off and percentage off discount coupons and gift vouchers
  • Product and/or Shipping discounts
  • Limit discounts to applicable products in specific product categories
  • Control if discount applies to a product already on special offer
  • Bulk upload and delete discount coupon and voucher codes

sell gift vouchers Create discount coupons and vouchers with ease.

Gift vouchers may be limited to a one-time use or a fixed number of times.

Discount codes and coupons can have unlimited usage.

Bulk discount code and voucher code import feature

bulk voucher codes discount codes import upload Many businesses are using sites such as Wowcher and GroupOn for sales promotions. ShopIntegrator's new bulk discount code and voucher code import option takes the strain out of managing thousands of discount codes.

  • Bulk upload and delete discount coupon codes and vouchers codes

New donation feature

Collect online donationsThe new donate button has obvious uses for charity sites and non profit organisations for collecting donations and sponsorship etc. such as church, charity, personal charity, local interest groups, school and museum sites.

The option to donate money or to effectively 'choose' a value can be utilised for many different payment types, with customers entering the amount they wish to pay or donate and the organisation having control over the minimum amount which will be accepted.

From the voluntary sector through to the commercial market ShopIntegrator's new Donate ecommerce button offers greater flexibility for collecting money online.


Studies have also shown that including a charitable contribution in 'pay what you want' transactions increases buyer willingness to pay as they feel more in control of what they wish to give.

  • Ideally for non commercial sector seeking voluntary donor contributions
  • Freeware software providers have an easy way to collect donations
  • Collect bids for auctions

Buyer chooses value 'Pay what you want' pricing

Many musicians find loyal fans are often willing to pay more when they buy music from their favourite band's website instead of through a third party, such as iTunes.


'Pay what you want' pricing is gaining a significant place in the niche creative media market.

More and more software and music sites selling downloads are using a flexible 'pay what you want' pricing strategy to increase their sales.

  • Set a minimum price leaving the customer free to pay what they consider a 'fair price'
  • The communal nature of 'pay what you want' avoids the perception of 'unfairness' as its the buyer who sets the price, not a seller who imposes it

Music fans especially like buying direct from their favourite bands website. Buyers directly support their favourite bands, often willing to support their favourite band by paying more than the minimum price. A musician selling direct to their fans avoid third party sales commission, such as the hefty charges imposed by iTunes.

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