ShopIntegrator 4.2 new shopping cart features

Publish Date: 2012-11-30

ShopIntegrator html shopping cart version 4.2ShopIntegrator 4.2 makes it easier to keep your customers updated with their order progress, empowers you with greater design customisation for your shopping cart style and enables European Union (EU) Business to Business (B2B) VAT handling.

All these new features are automatically available to all users, as our hosted shopping cart avoids installing and managing software on your own servers so you're always up-to-date with the latest version with no additional effort!

Delivery email notifications

Delivery Notification Emails Keep your shopper happy by informing them of how their order is progressing after completion.

An improved Order Manager now includes a new shipping workflow capability which gives merchants a quick and easy way to send shipping packing and order delivery dispatch status email notification updates to the shopper.

Your Order Manager allows you to move an order into two new delivery order statuses which trigger a shipping workflow event that sends the customer an email notification.

Easily send order delivery notification emails with shipping tracking references.


  • Delivery Preparation: The deliverable items in your order are being picked and packed and your order is being prepared for delivery.
  • Delivery Dispatched: Your order has now been dispatched and is on its way to you.

The new shipping notification emails give you a quick and easy way to provide additional order delivery details to the shopper.

  • Courier method
  • Tracking reference number
  • Order specific delivery note
  • 3rd party delivery tracking link

EU Business to Business (B2B) VAT handling

EU B2B VAT tax handler The shopping cart checkout automatically identifies when the merchant is based in the EU and if you've set tax rates, will automatically enable the Business to Business (B2B) EU tax fields in the checkout when the shopper chooses and EU country.

Your shopping cart validates the EU VAT number format is correct before allowing the business customer to complete their order.


The ShopIntegrator shopping cart is now capable of European Union (EU) VAT handling for merchants needing to sell Business to Business (B2B) within the EU.

  • Shopping cart checkout gives EU customers the option to declare they have a valid EU VAT number and are excluded from paying VAT on their order

The shopping cart checkout displays the correct EU tax terminology appropriate to the language of the merchant's country.

  • Austria: USt.
  • Belgium: BTW
  • Czech Republic: DPH
  • Denmark: moms
  • Estonia: km
  • Finland: ALV
  • France: TVA
  • Germany: MwSt.
  • Hungary: ÁFA
  • Ireland: CBL
  • Italy: IVA
  • Latvia: PVN
  • Lithuania: PVM
  • Luxembourg: TVA
  • Malta: VAT
  • Netherlands: BTW
  • Poland: PTU
  • Portugal: IVA
  • Romania: TVA
  • Slovak Republic: DPH
  • Slovenia: DDV
  • Spain: IVA
  • Sweden: Moms
  • United Kingdom: VAT

Shopping Cart Checkout Designer

We've added many easy to use checkout designer tools to make it straightforward to customise the look of your store's checkout to match your website.

Easy to use Shopping Cart Checkout Designer

ZoomClick Image to Enlarge

These new appearance customisation features allow even web novices to style their store's checkout with the power of a web designer.

23 easy to use point and click checkout style controls.


  • Checkout logo/banner image
  • Checkout stage progress workflow
  • Form field colour pickers
  • Font picker
  • Product table colour pickers
  • Custom checkout header images
  • Footer designer
  • Checkout button layout

Improved Weebly shopping cart integration

weebly shopping cartIt's now faster to build an online Weebly store with the ShopIntegrator shopping cart.

We've improved our Weebly shopping cart integration plugin to speed-up the use of the ShopIntegrator ecommerce button add-ins when working in the Weebly admin website editor.

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