ShopIntegrator Drupal Ecommerce Module Released

Publish Date: 2012-11-15

A big thanks to the Drupal community who have developed a ShopIntegrator Drupal ecommerce module to make it easy to add the ShopIntegrator shopping cart and ecommerce widgets through the Drupal admin interface. Thanks!

Drupal Community

ShopIntegrator Drupal shopping cart module Over 900,000 members of the Drupal community may now benefit from the ShopIntegrator Drupal ecommerce module, independently developed and reviewed by Drupal community members and available as a project module download at

Drupal's open source content management system (CMS) powers millions of websites and applications and is actively developed, used, and supported by an enthusiastic diverse global community.

Drupal can be used to build everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications.


  • ShopIntegrator's Drupal ecommerce module joins the rich set of thousands of other Drupal add-on modules which makes Drupal such a powerful platform

As well as thanking all the Drupal community involved with reviewing the module to ensure it met Drupal's rigorous quality standards, we'd like to especially say a big thanks to Zinco Design Solutions. Zinco originally developed the ShopIntegrator Drupal module for their own use, and then donated it to the Drupal community to have it listed as a Drupal project for all to use. Zinco are a quality British graphic design studio based in Cumbria and have told us that they are already underway with their first ShopIntegrator enabled Drupal ecommerce website for a client of theirs, which we can't wait to see!

Drupal Ecommerce Module

The ShopIntegrator Drupal ecommerce module provides Drupal users an easy way to add the range of ShopIntegrator ecommerce buttons, ecommerce widgets and shopping cart checkout in to a Drupal website.

Saves time compared to copying and pasting the ShopIntegrator ecommerce script directly in to Drupal page block and setting the input filter to full html.

Drupal Ecommerce Module Admin Interface Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of the new ShopIntegrator Drupal ecommerce module admin interface. It's easy to add a Drupal shopping cart to your website.

ShopIntegrator Drupal admin interface

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ShopIntegrator Drupal admin interface

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