ShopIntegrator 3.0 launches new html shopping cart design

Release Date: 2012-01-23, Publish Date: 2012-01-23

new html shopping cart checkout design ShopIntegrator 3.0 launches with a great new shopping cart/basket design.

There's also improvements for merchants selling personalised and customised products and capturing special instructions from shoppers.

All these new features are automatically available to everyone, as our hosted shopping basket avoids installing and managing software on your own servers so you're always up-to-date with the latest version with no effort!

New html shopping cart checkout design

We've created a professional modern checkout design which is a better fit with the style of any website which you add an online shop to.

The new look checkout is designed to offer a neutral appearance that doesn't impose too much of the cart's/basket's own checkout style on your own website's design, making it easier to blend in with your own site.

As before, you may still add your own banner graphic or logo in to the checkout to personalise your shop's checkout.

New html shopping cart checkout design

Enhanced personalised & customised products sales capabilities

You may now limit the number of characters a customer may enter for each product personalisation ensuring you only let the customer enter exactly what you need for their personlised item. Use your Product Manager to set the maximum length of personalised text that may be entered on a product by product basis.

This enhancement adds to the existing personalised & customised products sales capabilities which allow you to:

  • Show a custom prompt to the customer for each product's personalisation
  • Pre-fill the shopper customisation input box with your own text template to help structure the shoppers answer
  • Capture personalised information for every purchased quantity of a product/product option or just once for the total purchased quantity of a product/product option
  • Adjust the display height of the customer personalisation input text box to the best size for your expected shopper input

Enhanced checkout special instructions

Add a custom message for your shoppers in the checkout above the order special instructions text input area to guide them as to what special instructions you may want to gather from them.

Use the Order Settings tab on the Order Manager page of your admin console to write your message for the checkout.

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