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Publish Date: 2014-06-06

Open a free Facebook store page to earn money from social commerce today.

Social commerce - Facebook shop app

Facebook Website Store App ShopIntegrator shopping cart version 6.0 contains easy to use social commerce capabilities to launch a Facebook shop in minutes.

Your website store and Facebook store products are managed from the same store admin giving you centralised order management and product stock quantity control across both platforms.

Sell everywhere

If you're just selling from your website, you're missing out, sell everywhere with a multi-channel ecommerce platform that makes it easy to sell from your website and sell on Facebook.

With a billion active users on Facebook, it's worth taking your business to the next level with a social commerce sales strategy. Don't worry, with ShopIntegrator it's easy to do!

Your customers are on Facebook, so opening a Facebook shop adds an additional sales channel allowing you to reach customers on a platform where they like to spend their time.

People spend an average of 6 hours and 25 minutes a month on Facebook.

webshop and facebook store app

Don't have a ShopIntegrator account yet?

Create Free Account Now Create a free ShopIntegrator account now and open your free Facebook store today.

One-click Facebook store app install in under a minute

With ShopIntegrator it's quick and easy to install the Facebook Store App into your Facebook page which then shows a new 'Shop Now' Facebook store tab.

  • The ShopIntegrator store admin External Apps menu lets you access the Facebook Store app install button

Free Facebook store page demo

Take a look at the demo Facebook jewellery store we've created for you to see how it works in a Facebook page.

Visit ShopIntegrator Facebook Store App Demo

The point and click styling settings in the ShopIntegrator store admin Appearance Manager have been used to customize the colours of this Facebook shop to match the brand colour scheme we'd use on the website shop version of the store.

facebook store app demo

Ecommerce social sharing

Each product has social sharing automatically enabled with the Facebook Like and Share buttons.

Shoppers can easily share the products they like in your shop with their friends, in-turn attracting new customers to buy from you.

As your products receive an increasing number of likes, your social proof grows, inspiring other shoppers to buy as they feel confident knowing they are choosing popular items that others have endorsed.

How to add a free Facebook store page

This ecommerce video tutorial shows you how to add a free Facebook store page.

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