ShopIntegrator 4.3 improves shipping and delivery capabilities

Publish Date: 2013-01-08

ShopIntegrator html shopping cart version 4.3ShopIntegrator 4.3 improves a variety of shipping & delivery capabilities to give you more control over which shipping plans customers from different locations have available and how shipping calculators work out the shipping costs.

All these new features are automatically available to all users, as our hosted shopping cart avoids installing and managing software on your own servers so you're always up-to-date with the latest version with no additional effort!

Exclude country delivery zones from using certain delivery plans

Exclude Country Delivery Zones from Shipping Plans

Each shipping plan now allows you to set delivery zone exlusions for the plan.

Countries which you exclude from a shipping plan will not be presented to the shopper as a shipping option in the checkout.

  • Create shipping plans for specific country deliver zones which are only made available to shoppers in those locations

Offer an 'Express Special Delivery' shipping plan to shoppers in your home region that don't want to offer to international customers.


Delivery status email's default courier method & tracking link

Delivery Notification Emails We've improved upon the last shopping cart upgrade that gave you the ability to send delivery status email notifications that keep the shopper informed of when an order is being prepared for delivery and when the delivery has been dispatched.

Thanks to feedback from those merchants who have started using the new delivery status email notifications, we've improved this feature by allowing you to set-up a default courier method and tracking link.

  • Default courier method and tracking link now automatically assigned to the order when you update the order's delivery status
  • Override default courier and tracking links on an order-by-order basis as required

Product option weight modifiers

Sell deliverable goods Product option weight modifiers may now be set in addition to product option price modifiers.

When you create a product in your Product Manager, you can give that product a weight, which can be used in the checkout for a weight based shipping plan. A product option can now change on the weight of the product for the shipping calculation.

For example, if you were a gallery selling beautiful pictures, you may sell the picture with or without a picture frame. When a customer chooses to buy the product with a frame you can increase the product price as well as its weight for the shipping calculation, compared to buying it without the frame.

Manage which products allow free shipping

Manage how each product influences the decision to allow free shipping for a customer order.

Manage which products allow free shipping You now have greater control of whether you offer a customer free shipping for their order. All shipping plans allow you to set an order value per delivery zone which will trigger free shipping for the entire order.

You may have certain items for sale which are expensive to deliver and its not possible for you to offer free shipping for the customer order if they are buying those items from you.

  • Include in any free shipping calculation: This product will be included in the calculation to determine if free shipping is given for an order.
  • Exclude from any free shipping calculation: This product will be excluded from the calculation to determine if free shipping is allowed. Free shipping may still happen for the entire order if other shippable products in the order meet the free shipping condition.
  • Stop free shipping happening for entire order: If this product is in an order, free shipping will not be allowed for the order even if the other shippable products in the order meet the free shipping condition.

Improved order manager

We've improved our Order Manager so you now have each full line item cost, shipping cost, order discount amount and tax amounts together as a single order sheet for each order.

Your order manager gives you a central location for you to manage your online store's orders.

  • Orders across multiple websites managed in a single location
  • Order payments from different payment gateways you offer in the checkout create orders in a single location

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