New invoice creation & Multi-tax rate bands

Publish Date: 2013-05-15

Speed up your online order processing with a one-click printable order invoice.

Improved tax handling with the ability to sell reduced rate VAT and combined rate VAT products which need multiple tax rate bands.

New printable order invoice generation

printable order invoice generation Tax can be difficult to understanding with mandatory rules and regulations to follow for creating your invoice documents often making this time consuming to create manually.

ShopIntegrator can now generate and issue a customer VAT invoice. After payment, your customer moves straight to a printable VAT invoice web page, and the standard email receipt is upgraded to a full VAT invoice email receipt.

In the UK for example, HMRC require VAT invoices have certain information on them to qualify as a valid VAT invoice.

  • Invoice tax point date
  • Description of goods and services supplied
  • Applicable rate of VAT applied for each item
  • Quantity of items
  • Customers name and address
  • Seller's name and address

  • Unique sequential customer invoice number
  • Every product and service listed on the invoice must include the unit price excluding VAT
  • Rate of any cash discount
  • Total VAT charged for each tax rate
  • Seller's VAT registration number

Speed up order processing by printing an invoice with an integrated shipping label

ShopIntegrator merchants have a new feature in the Order Manager to print off an A4 VAT invoice compatible with integrated shipping label paper.

Turn on invoice generation from the Order & Checkout settings tab in the Order Manager.

As your business becomes more successful, you'll need to take advantage of tools which help streamline online order processing, such as one-click order invoice generation.


customer order invoice

Integrated single label invoice paper is available from Avery and other providers and is commonly listed with these stock codes:

  • FPS-3
  • Single Style C
  • S3

  • Stock Label 1
  • IL1

Customise your invoice by assigning your own invoice logo image from the Completed Order section in the Appearance Manager.

invoice integrated shipping labels

Multi-tax rate bands

sell mixed rate VAT product combinations ShopIntegrator’s Tax Manager now allows you to add additional tax bands for each country and region, allowing merchants to sell mixed packs containing products with different tax rates.

Each product in the Product Manager may now be assigned a specific tax rate band other than the default tax band, so you can handle multiple tax rates within the same country, US State or Canadian Province.

For example, a merchant in the UK who sells a product containing a book and multi-media CD/DVD needs to apportion different VAT rates to each item in respect of each items price contribution to the total cost. Reference: HM Revenue & Customs : Rates of VAT on different goods and services

A book with a 0% VAT rate and a CD/DVD having standard 20% VAT rate when sold together as a product combination might costing £100, with the book part costing £90 and the CD part costing £10, resulting in a 2% VAT rate chargable on the product combination.

  • 20% VAT for CD which is 1/10th the total cost
  • 0% VAT for book which is 9/10th the total cost
  • Effective VAT rate for product combination is 2% = (20% x 1/10) + (0% x 9/10)

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