Multilingual e-commerce storefront in 7 languages

Publish Date: 2014-03-05

Grow your online store's International sales with a multilingual ecommerce storefront available in 7 languages.

ShopIntegrator shopping cart version 5.1 released

ShopIntegrator Shopping Cart version 5.1
ShopIntegrator shopping cart version 5.1 released with new features to help you grow your online sales locally and Internationally.

Give your online store's shoppers a multilingual and multi-currency shopping experience.

Multilingual e-commerce storefront

multi-language shopping cart
Increase your online store's sales from International shoppers with a multi-language ecommerce storefront solution.

A merchant may use their Shop Settings to choose their initial storefront ecommerce language from the choice of 7 available languages, as well as turn on the shopper language picker in the checkout.

Shoppers have the option to change their ecommerce language so they may shop online and complete the checkout in their preferred native language.

Run your online store in a choice of 7 languages:

  • English ecommerce language
  • French/Français ecommerce language
  • German/Deutsch ecommerce language
  • Portuguese (Brazil) / Português (Brasil) ecommerce language

  • Italian / Italiano ecommerce language
  • Spanish / Español ecommerce language
  • Swedish / Svenska ecommerce language

Click here to go to the interactive demo page to view the cart and change language >>

An online store with a choice of languages increases the percentage of International shoppers completing the checkout, reducing cart abandonment rates that may have occurred due to difficulties experienced as a result of language barriers encountered completing their order.

The estimated number of people speaking the 7 different ecommerce languages now supported in the shopping cart add up to over 1.7 billion people. 

 Source: Wikipedia

All the customer facing aspects of the online storefront are presented to the shopper in the their chosen language:

  • Online shop labels and messages
  • E-commerce buttons
  • Shopping cart checkout

  • Finished order email receipts and invoices
  • Order completion web page
  • Customer digital download portal

multi-language payment processing

The shopper receives a consistent multi-language checkout experience from start-to-end.

The shopping cart software passes the shoppers language choice onto the payment gateway so that the payment pages where the shopper securely enters their payment details are also in the preferred language of the shopper.

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