PayFast Shopping Cart Checkout Integration

Publish Date: 2014-09-12

ShopIntegrator integrates with PayFast, South Africa's leading online payment processor.

PayFast shopping cart

PayFast Hosted Shopping Cart

We've pre-integrated the PayFast online payments solution into our checkout to make it quick and easy for South African merchants to connect their online store to PayFast to sell their products and services.

Businesses in South Africa can now take online payments from their website's online shop and Facebook store using their PayFast payment processor seller account.

PayFast provides merchants located in South Africa an affordable reliable secure online payment processing solution for businesses to accept South Africa Rand payments in their online store.

ShopIntegrator is a quick and easy way to set up a PayFast connected webshop and Facebook store.


Accept international and local South African payment methods

Using PayFast in your store checkout gives you access to all these online payments methods:

PayFast online payment methods

  • PayFast doesn't charge a set-up fee or monthly standing charges, only per-transaction fees apply
  • Accept credit cards: Visa & MasterCard - Process local and international credit cards, with a variety of fraud protection tools in place to protect sellers against chargebacks
  • Instant EFT bank payments which clear immediately
  • Bitcoin digital payment method - Buyers can make Bitcoin payments and the seller receives South African Rand
  • mobicred - Retail store credit, only online
  • Ukash payments - The world's largest voucher based payment system

PayFast payment processor checkout demo

Our demo video shows you the online store's shopping cart checkout integrated with PayFast.

Add a PayFast connected online store into any website

Your PayFast connected ShopIntegrator online store can be added into any website. Whether you've built it with simple HTML templates, or using a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, or Drupal, or if you've used a drag and drop website builder such as Weebly, Vistaprint, Moonfruit, SquareSpace, Yola, 1&1, GoDaddy, Webs, Webnode, SiteJam .... and more!

Accept multi-currency payments with PayFast and PayPal together in the checkout

Use the multi-currency pricing feature in your website to let customers shop across your website in their chosen currency.

The PayFast gateway will only accept payments in South African Rand, so when using multi-currency with PayFast alone the shopper sees the foreign currency total as an estimate on the final checkout confirmation page along with the exact Rand amount they will pay once they are transferred to the secure PayFast payment page.

Enable both PayFast and PayPal gateways together in your store and the checkout behaviour intelligently directs the shopper to the most suitable payment processor for their currency.

  • South African Rand paying customers will be directed to PayFast and PayPal will not be shown as PayPal does not accept Rand (ZAR) payments.
  • Customers paying in other international currencies (e.g. USD, GBP, EUR, AUD etc.) will be directed to PayPal instead to pay in their chosen native currency and PayFast will not be shown as an option to international shoppers.

Watch our video demo showing you a multi-currency checkout with PayFast and PayPal showing the customer being sent to the most suitable payment processor for their chosen currency.

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