Sage Pay Shopping Cart Protocol Version 3.0 Ecommerce Upgrade

Publish Date: 2013-10-31

ShopIntegrator upgrades its shopping cart checkout to support Sage Pay protocol version 3.0.

Sage Pay shopping cart

Sage Pay's latest payment gateway version 3.0 introduces a range of advanced ecommerce payment features for merchants to stay at the forefront of taking online payments from their webstore.

Sage Pay Shopping Cart Advanced Payment Processing

The key features now available with Sage Pay's latest payment protocol version 3.0 are:

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Add card processing surcharge fees

Sage Pay merchants may choose to add on supplemental card processing surcharge fees based on the shoppers chosen payment currency and payment method, such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Set surcharges based of specific card types for different payment types or even for different payment types from the same provider, such as a MasterCard credit card having no surcharge but MasterCard credit card having a surcharge fee.


The shopper will be given a break-down of applicable surcharge fees associated with each card payment type at the point they are choosing which card to pay with.

  • Shopper has opportunity to choose the best way for them that minimises any additional payment surcharge fees
  • Merchant has a way to pass on higher card processing fees associated with certain payment methods to avoid card processing fees eating into their profit margin

The surcharge amount added at Sage Pay is received back into your ShopIntegrator Order Manager which automatically updates the original order details stored by the shopping cart software.

  • Printable order invoice shows surcharge fee and amended total order value
  • Order completed email receipts sent to the shopper include the surcharge fee amount and the amended total order cost

New European payment types

Merchants looking to grow their business in Europe may upgrade to Sage Pay's local European merchant account to benefit from improved European payment processing capabilities.

  • Process European payments with new bank-to-bank payment methods available for shoppers located in Germany, Netherlands and Austria.

Sage Pay has expanded its European operations to offer merchant account and online processing services to businesses located in these countries:

Improved fraud screening services

Sage Pay now offers more accurate 3D Secure statuses, combined with their "ReD" real-time fraud screening recommendation service which sends a fraud screening response back in real-time to show Accept, Deny, Challenge or Notchecked.

Improved transaction reporting

Merchants taking online payments from multiple websites will have an improved way of managing and reporting on transactions through their MySagePay admin.

ShopIntegrator passes across the originating website when it initiates the transaction with Sage Pay so merchants can track which website each payment came from.

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