SalarO launches ShopIntegrator Dot Net Nuke store module

Publish Date: 2011-12-12

The SalarO ShopIntegrator-Cart DNN store module adds the power of ShopIntegrator ecommerce in to any DotNetNuke Portal.

SalarO, a member of the DotNetNuke core team and a Partner for DotNetNuke Professional Edition, has teamed up with ShopIntegrator to launch a new advanced and yet simple DNN store module powered by ShopIntegrator’s ecommerce plugins.

The SalarO ShopIntegrator-Cart DNN store module makes it quick and easy to create an online store in minutes to sell products and tangible goods, customised & personalised items and digital downloads from your DNN website. and yet it is an extraordinary technology that allows you to run your shop without worries about the ecommerce back end since it is fully managed by ShopIntegrator.
SalarO ShopIntegrator-Cart DNN store module

Free ShopIntegrator-Cart DNN store module

DNN cart store module The SalarO ShopIntegrator-Cart DNN store module is free for a limited time only for the first 100 customers free DotNetNuke cart store module

DotNetNuke Ecommerce Free Trial Registration

  • Install lightweight ShopIntegrator-Cart DNN store module
  • Add DotNetNuke store module ecommerce buttons

Product highlights

ShopIntegrator is packed full of practical and rich ecommerce features, enabling you to quickly and easily start making money from your online store. Just some of these are:

DNN Store Showcase

Take a look at these DNN websites already using the ShopIntegrator-Cart Store Module:

Eden Aromata DNN Store

DNN cart module showcase eden aromata

Exotic Cooking Spices DNN Store
Eden Aromata sells spices and cooking products of the finest quality to restaurants and direct to chefs at home. Eden Aromata have invented and sell ‘saffron olive oil’, a culinary innovation to create a cost effective way of flavouring food with saffron.

Imperial Caviar DNN Store

DNN cart module showcase imperial caviar

Luxury Goods Retailer DNN Store
Imperial Caviar was established in 1990 in the United Kingdom to sell the best selection of Iranian and Russian caviar, drawing on family experience from across three generations of expertise in sourcing the finest caviar.

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