Integrate thirdparty sales and marketing solutions

Publish Date: 2014-03-12

Integrating thirdparty sales and marketing solutions into an online shop allows a merchant to increase website visitor numbers to grow sales whilst tracking their Return on Investment (ROI).

Integrate thirdparty scripts on order completion

Thirdparty code can be inserted into your online store checkout order completion web page to connect your online store with thirdparty solution providers, such as sales and marketing software.

Thirdparty script integration can help you track Google Adword campaign conversions, affiliate marketing referral commissions and more!

Integrate thirdparty tracking scripts on order completion

Google Adwords campaign tracking code

Google Adwords Campaign Tracking Script Set-up your Google Ads campaign then integrate the Google Adwords campaign tracking script at order completion.

It is important when marketing a business using a Google Adwords campaign that you track your Return On Investment (ROI) from your advertising costs.

The ShopIntegrator shopping cart is capable of dynamically passing order specific statistics into the Google Adwords campaign tracking script on order completion, through a set of shopping cart order substitution variables.

The Google Adwords dashboard receives statistics about shoppers which went on to order from you, who had originally arrived at your website through the Google Ad. Each advert which resulted in a sale can then track the value of the orders generated as a result of each advertsing campaign.

Affiliate sales and marketing tracking code

Affiliate's promote and market your business's products and services in exchange for a referral commission on sales referrals.

Building a network of affiliate marketeers can be an effective solution for a business to expand your marketing reach to increase sales. 


The shopping cart order substitution variables give you a way to dynamically insert order specific details into the thirdparty affiliate tracking code included in your online store order completed web page. The thirdparty affiliate tracking software can then use information such as the order ID and order value to allocate the sales commission back to the affiliate who generated the referral.

You may wish to install and run your own affiliate marketing software such as:

You may wish to join an existing affiliate network such as:

Finished Order Page Footer: Order completion substitution variables

A new 'Finished Order Page Footer' field allows you to place your own custom HTML into the page footer of the order completed web page.

Substitution variables are dynamically replaced with the individual order details inserted into the thirdparty tracking code. 


The 'Finished Order Settings' section of the 'Order & Checkout Settings' tab in the online store web admin 'Order Manager' lets you assign custom HTML code into the 'Finished Order Page Footer' field.

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