Sell eVouchers gift voucher codes
  & Enhanced ecommerce add-ins

Publish Date: 2013-06-24

Sell online gift vouchers with new eVoucher products.

Enhanced ecommerce add-ins allow inclusion of 3rd party widgets, such as YouTube video clips and SoundCloud audio players.

eVoucher products

sell evouchers Increase sales by letting your shoppers buy gift vouchers for your online store which they can give as presents to friends and relatives.

eVoucher products automate the sale of single use gift voucher codes from your online store, which are redeemable against the cost of a future order.

  • Create a new eVoucher product type in your Product Manager
  • eVouchers are an environmentally friendly way to digitally issue online gift voucher codes
  • Purchased gift voucher codes instantly issued to the shopper for immediate use
  • Keep track of purchased vouchers in your Discount/Voucher Manager & Order Manager

Add greater detail to lists of products
& Embed 3rd party widget code to the product detail

We've added a new product details field for each product allowing you to enter much more information about each product your selling.

embed html code into product lists from third party sites

Add entire product lists into your website and add into the product detail any rich interactive multimedia you wish to copy and paste from other 3rd party websites.

The screenshot image below is an example of what you might create when embedding YouTube clips for each product in a product list you've added into your website.

sell lists of products embed html code

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