Selling e-Tickets From a Blog to Help One Mum Fulfill Her Dream

2009-05-19 Selling e-Tickets From a Blog to Help One Mum Fulfill Her Dream

We saw the plea of a hard working Mum who was desperately trying to raise funds to become a crew member on one of the boats entered in this years charity 'Clipper Round The World Yacht Race'. She needed help adding ecommerce in to her blog so that she could sell tickets to a fund raising event she is holding in June 2009.

Melissa wanted a solution that not only allowed her to sell a place to her fund raising event but allowed the buyer to automatically download an e-ticket which they would print to allow entry. The ShopIntegrator ecommerce service was just what she needed to solve her problem!

Take a look at Melissa's 'More to Life Than Laundry' fund raising website and see the ShopIntegrator ecommerce service in action on her blog.

How Did We Help Melissa?

We gave Melissa an extended free trial period for the ShopIntegrator ecommerce service so that it would be active for the time she needed to sell e-tickets to her fund raising event. This gave her a quick and easy way to copy and paste an Add to Basket ecommerce plugin in to her blog and start accepting ticket payments straight into her PayPal account.

As a busy working Mum, Melissa didn't have the time to manually send out individual tickets to every person who bought a place to her event. So, using the ShopIntegrator online admin console she simply uploaded the e-ticket file into her ShopIntegrator account's secure file upload area. Then, by attaching the uploaded file to her event product she had done everything she needed to do to activate her ShopIntegrator accounts electronic content sales feature. Now, when someone purchased a place to her fund raising event, they would automatically receive an email from the ShopIntegrator service with a link which directs them to Melissa's ShopIntegrator account's customer file download portal. The customer will be able download the e-ticket file for entrance to her fund raising event. With the full automation of the e-ticket sale and delivery, it meant Melissa could focus on organising the fund raiser instead of getting bogged down managing the sales process.

Melissa was finding that her PayPal account was automatically adding VAT to the ticket purchase price, something she didn't want to happen. Worst still, it was the at the old pre-October 2008 rate of 17.5%. Melissa got in touch and asked for help, and we were able to instruct her clearly on how to configure her PayPal account to remove the VAT charge.