ShopIntegrator Service Upgrade 1.7.5 Digital Download Enhancement

2010-01-07 : Service Upgrade Date

With our improved digital download process your customer moves straight from their payment completed web page to your accounts ShopIntegrator Customer Digital Download Portal.

Your shopper is able download their purchased files without relying on receiving an email with a link to the digital download, making for a quicker and easier experience for your customer, bringing them back to buy from you time and time again.

Digital Downloads Without Relying on Emailed Links

Download Without Email Links Avoid relying on an emailed link to your shopper to give them their purchased digital download!

An email with a link to a digital download from an unfamiliar sender like your store is probably going to be categorised as SPAM, never to be seen by the shopper as it ends up lost in their SPAM filter.

This inevitably leads to a confused shopper getting in contact with you to find out where their purchased files are and could mean the shopper never buys from you again!

Using ShopIntegrator, your customers are able to buy digital downloads from you and have immediate access to their purchased files as soon as they complete their payment, without the need to logon to their email account and wait for a link to arrive.

  • Avoid annoying your shoppers and losing business because your store's digital download email falls in to their SPAM filter!
  • Avoid creating work for youself manually having to send out digital downloads to customers who failed to receive an emailed link.

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