ShopIntegrator Service Upgrade 1.7 New Features

2009-07-10 : Service Upgrade Date

We've added lots of great new features and have made improvements to the ShopIntegrator administration console to make it more intuative and easier to use.

One of the great advantages of being on the ShopIntegrator ecommerce service is that you always have access to the newest features and stay up to date with the latest software version, without having to do anything!.

Our managed ecommerce service avoids the pain of installing software on your servers which is then out of date before you've even finished configuring it!

The new features and enhancements in this service upgrade are:

  • More Intuitive ShopIntegrator Administration Console
  • 8 New Ecommerce Plugins Available
  • Greater Ecommerce Appearance Control
  • Bulk Data Import For Quick Shop Setup

This service upgrade has focused on usability and flexibility. We 've improved the ShopIntegrator service to make it easier and more intuitive to use allowing you to create a look which fits better with your website. We've also added a wider range of ecommerce plugins to give you features to rival larger retailer's online stores.

As well as making it simpler for beginners, we've also made improvements for our advanced users so web designers have greater control over the look and feel as well as being able to quickly populate their customers online shops so they can be up and running in no time at all.

More Intuitive ShopIntegrator Administration Console

When you log on to your ShopIntegrator Administration Console you'll now be presented with a set of graphical quick link icons on your MyShop Homepage which make it quicker and easier to reach the essential features you'll need the most.

Admin Homepage=

A more intuitive user interface means that if you go somewhere in your shop administration console that needs you to be elsewhere first, it tells you and gives you a direct link to where you need to go to. So, if you try and 'Add Ecommerce To Your Website' before you've created a product, it tells you that you need to create a product first and gives you a direct link to the Product Manager so you know exactly what to do next. If you try to create a Shipping Plan before you've grouped your shipping countries in to Delivery Zones, it tells you what you need to do first and gives you a direct link to the administration page where you create your delivery zones so youíll know exactly what to do next.

Some of the essential administration pages have been give a new tabbed layout to make them easier to use and less cluttered so you can focus on just the information relevant to what you are doing. For example, on the Appearance Manager instead of having one long web page with all the different settings for controlling your ecommerce plugin appearances, you now have the 'BUTTONS', 'COLOURS', 'STYLES' and 'LABELS' tabs. This means you just see the information relating to the what you are doing, such as picking your button graphics, or choosing your colours, making it much less cluttered and straightforward to use.

8 New Ecommerce Plugins Available

We've added 8 new ecommerce plugins! This means you now have a total of 18 different ecommerce plugins in your ShopIntegrator ecommerce toolkit to use when building your online store. The new plugins fall in to three distinct areas:

Ecommerce Plugin

  • Buy Now Plugins
  • Show Shopper Information Plugins
  • Shop Control Plugins

Buy Now Plugins
Every 'Add to Basket' plugin now has a 'Buy Now' equivalent. The 'Buy Now' plugins effectively combine the 'Add To Basket' button and the 'Checkout' button in to one click for the shopper. So when your shopper clicks on the 'Buy Now' button they will add the item to their basket/cart then immediately launch the checkout process window. The three new 'Buy Now' plugins available are the:

  • Interactive Buy Now Price Tag
  • Standalone Buy Now Button
  • Interactive Table Of Buy Now Products In Category

Show Shopper Information Plugins
You now have the ability to show information about the shoppers basket/cart on your web page as they shop across your website.

  • Show Total Quantity of Items in Basket/Cart
  • Show Total Cost of Items in Basket/Cart
  • Show Mini Basket/Cart List

Shop Control Plugins
These additional shop control plugins give you plain unformatted text links that perform the same actions as the equivalent View Basket/Cart button and Checkout button respectively. Having the option to use a text link to launch the checkout process window instead of button images means that you can have a more discreet way to fit these shop checkout process controls in with your existing website navigation menus or page banner. We've introduced two new Shop Controls:

  • View Basket/Cart Link
  • Checkout Link

Greater Ecommerce Appearance Control

We've given you greater flexibility to customise your online shops look and feel to make it easier to tie-in with yours or your customers' new or existing website.

  • Power to Style Entire Lists of Products
  • Checkout Process Appearance Customisation
  • Basket or Cart Terminology, You Decide
  • Self Styled CSS Plugins

Power to Style Entire Lists of Products
The Appearance Manager now gives you ultimate control over the 'Interactive Table Of Products In Category' and 'Interactive Table Of Buy Now Products In Category' ecommerce plugins. This now allows you to place an entire list of products on to your web page with unprecedented control over the look and feel of the appearance of these ecommerce plugin types. You can now switch on/off the table header row and table borders, change fonts, text sizes, text colours and background colours all through the Appearance Manager in your ShopIntegrator administration console.

Checkout Process Appearance Customisation
You may now customise the checkout process screens by inserting your own image on to the checkout pages just beneath the workflow images. This gives you an additional way of making the look and feel of the checkout tie-in with the style of your website.

Basket or Cart Terminology, You Decide
The Appearance Manager now allows you to choose whether ShopIntegrator refers to the shoppers Basket or Cart throughout the customers shopping experience. The Labels tab contained within the Appearance Manager gives you the ability to toggle between the two terms, affecting things like the shopper Checkout process as to whether it shows an 'Empty Basket' or 'Empty Cart' button and the Classic built-in button range as to whether it shows 'Add to Basket' or 'Add to Cart'.

Self Styled CSS Plugins
A number of the ecommerce plugins are now marked with the Quick Shop Setup icon next to them on the 'Add Ecommerce To Your Website' page in your ShopIntegrator administration console. These are plain unformatted ecommerce plugins. You may use Ďas isí or for the more advanced users you may style them on your web page as required using the exposed plugin tag class names and your own cascading style sheet (css) definitions.

Bulk Data Import For Quick Shop Setup

Quick Shop Setup

For the more advanced user, the Bulk Data Import Manager, located beneath the Content menu allows you to quickly populate multiple data records in one go. Bulk data creation allows for a faster shop set up when compared to entering and saving individual data records one at a time using the web administration pages.

It is currently possible to bulk import the following key pieces of data in your account: Product Categories, Products and Product Buyer Choice Options. The bulk import file is just a plain text comma separated values (CSV) file which complies with the ShopIntegrator bulk import format. You simply use Microsoft Excel, Open Office or a text editor of your choice, like Notepad, to save as a .csv file.