Sneak Peak at ShopIntegrator 2.0: Major Improvements to Online Store Admin Console Capabilities

2010-12-15 : Sneak Peak at ShopIntegrator Ecommerce Version 2.0 ... Coming Soon

ShopIntegrator 2.0 is coming in January 2011 and we're very excited about this first major upgrade of the ShopIntegrator ecommerce plugin toolkit!

As well as new features and enhancements there has been a great deal of effort overhauling the capabilities of the online shop admin console. Below we'll take a sneak peak at some screen shots of the new Product Manager and new File Upload Manager.

Advanced Ecommerce Product Management

An advanced Product Manager now becomes the central hub of our ecommerce software allowing the creation and assignment of Product Categories, Product Buyer Choice Options and File Uploads all to take place whilst your are in the Product Manager creating or editing products.

Adding product options

New Online Store Web Management Console

A lot of work has gone in to improving the usability of many of the existing admin console features. It is now much simpler for merchants to create and manage their products, which is at the core of any online store!

As well as being able to edit multiple products at once, you may now delete multiple products at the same time and restore deleted products if you change your mind.

We've also added a lot of in built help right at the point where you need it, you now have built in tooltips and popup help so the information is at your finger tips right where you need it, when you need it.

Advanced Product Management

New File Upload Manager

There are new File Upload Management capabilities which make it easier for merchants selling digital download files to upload and sell their products as well as making it easier to upload and assign new custom images for your online store's buttons, banners and logo graphics.

File Upload Manager