ShopIntegrator Service Upgrade 2.0: Advanced Online Store Admin & Modern CSS3 Store Checkout & More

2011-01-31 : Service Upgrade Date

ShopIntegrator 2.0 has now arrived and it's a very exciting time as this is the first major upgrade of the ShopIntegrator ecommerce plugin toolkit!

As well as new features and enhancements there has been a great deal of effort overhauling the capabilities of the online shop admin console.

One of the great advantages of being on the ShopIntegrator ecommerce service is that you automatically have access to the newest features and stay up to date with the latest software version! Our managed ecommerce service avoids the pain of installing software on your servers which is then out of date before you've even finished configuring it!

Modern CSS3 Styled Web 2.0 Store Checkout

Modern CSS3 Styled Web 2.0 Store Checkout The look of your checkout process is now better than ever!

The latest CSS 3.0 browser styling capabilities have been applied to the checkout process screens to create a modern Web 2.0 look and feel in your chosen colour theme to create a lasting positive impression with your customers.

More likely than not, the majority of your website traffic arrives from one country more than others. You may now pick your default trading country so when the shopper enters the checkout process, if they are required to enter their country location for shipping or VAT/Tax calculations, your default country is pre-selected for the shopper to create a more streamlined checkout process for the majority of your shoppers.

You now have the option to remove the "Powered By ShopIntegrator" logo from your checkout process by purchasing a Professional or Power Seller subscription which automatically causes this branding to be removed.

Advanced Online Shop Admin Capabilities

A massive emphasis has been place on the ease of use for the admin console to streamline all aspects of your online store management.

  • Context sensitive help with tooltips assigned to most fields to put the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Inline management of many aspects of the product making it much quicker to set up and manage your products, services and digital downloads. As you edit/create your products you may upload and attach digital download files, create and assign new product categories and product buyer choice options, all without leaving the product manager.
  • Multi-product editing and deletion at the same time, as well as allowing you to restore deleted products if you change your mind. Combined with the existing bulk product creation feature makes for a flexible way to quickly manage your product.
  • Fantastic new file upload capabilities allowing multiple file uploads to be queued up instead of having to wait for each file to finish before you are able to start the next. This makes it easier for merchants selling digital download files to upload and sell their products as well as making it easier to upload and assign new custom images for your online store's buttons, banners and logo graphics.

Advanced Online Store Digital Downloads Admin

Automatically Activate Free Shipping Based On Order Value

Free Shipping on Order Value Every shipping plan type now supports the ability to add a minimum total order cost threshold for each delivery zone on the shipping plan. When a customer's order total reaches this minimum order amount, their shipping plan charges are removed and they are automatically given Free Shipping on their order.

This allows you to encourage shoppers to spend more money in your online store to achieve free shipping for their order. As the minimum order amount is per delivery zone it means you could activate free shipping for only certain countries but not others.

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New Money Off Discount Type

Create Money Off Discount Coupons You now have greater flexibility with the discount codes you create for your customers, previously your discount codes could only reduce the cost of the products and/or shipping charges by a percentage amount. Now you also have the ability to create discount codes which offer your customers a fixed amount of money off the total order cost.

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Sell Both Taxed and Zero Rate VAT/Tax items In The Same Order

Shop VAT Calculation and Zero Rate VAT The VAT/Tax amount is now calculated on a per product basis rather than on the basket/cart as a whole. The advantage of this is that when you set any VAT/Tax rates, your shopping basket/cart will display the VAT/Tax amount per item and the sub total of VAT/Tax charged on the entire order.

You may configure the taxable status of each product individually allowing you to sell both taxed and zero rate VAT/Tax items in the same order.

The VAT/Tax applied to the shipping and delivery costs is accurately determined based on the taxable status of the products in an order.

  • An order consisting only of zero rated VAT items will mean any shipping charge will also be treated as a zero rate VAT/Tax cost
  • An order comprising of just standard rate taxable items or a mix of standard and zero rated tax items will mean that the tax rate is applied to the shipping charge as well