ShopIntegrator Service Upgrade 2.2: Shipping by order value and country & Individual product stock control

2011-03-29 : Service Upgrade Date

Most new features which are added to the ShopIntegrator hosted shopping basket/cart are as a result of your requests, with this upgrade being no exception.

Quick on the tail of our recent ShopIntegrator 2.0 major version launch comes the ShopIntegrator 2.2 release, which has been 100% customer focused in the new features added. The main new feature is a new shipping plan type that allows you to calculate delivery charges by order value and country. The full set of new features added in this release are:

One of the great advantages of being on the ShopIntegrator ecommerce service is that you automatically have access to the newest features and stay up to date with the latest software version. Our hosted ecommerce service avoids the pain of installing software on your servers which is then out of date before you've even finished configuring it!

Shipping by order value and country

Shipping by order value and country Calculate delivery charges by order value and country.

Define multiple shipping charges per plan determined by the different total order costs you set for each delivery zone.

The delivery zone allows you to group together multiple countries which have the same delivery charge.

Individual Product Level Stock Control

improved_stock_control Every merchant is different, that is something we've learnt over the years of developing the ShopIntegrator ecommerce software. You now have the flexibility to set up your product's stock control in just the way you need it on a product by product basis. Turn stock control on or off globally across your entire online shop or turn stock control on or off on a per-product basis as you need it.

For instance you could create a product to sell your services where stock control is switched off, or create a combined tangible item and digital download product with stock control switched on, or a unique digital download that may only be purchased once. It's now completely up to you.

Control Add to Basket/Cart Confirmation Response

Control Add to Basket Cart Confirmation Response Control the visual response your shopper receives when they add the product to their basket/cart. Use your ShopIntegrator Appearance Manager to choose your Add to Basket/Cart Response Event Action to show the animated tick & popup message or just one of those responses.