WordPress ecommerce plugin v1.2.1 available

Publish Date: 2012-03-07

The ShopIntegrator WordPress store plugin provides an incredibly easy way to incorporate a feature-rich shopping basket into any WordPress web page, blog post or sidebar. ShopIntegrator WordPress ecommerce plugin version 1.2.1 has just been released, bringing new and improved features to the ecommerce capabilities that can be inserted into the sidebar of WordPress Themes that have one. These enhanced sidebar store widgets add to the existing features to insert ecommerce buttons and product lists to sell items from your posts and pages.

As existing users of the ShopIntegrator WordPress ecommerce plugin already know, it couldn’t be simpler or quicker for that matter, to set up a professional online store in WordPress, whether it’s to sell digital downloads, tangible products or customised products. You don’t have to be technical to use ShopIntegrator, it offers shop builders a vast array of powerful ecommerce features and, unlike most other WordPress store plugins, it is compatible with any WordPress Theme you wish to apply to your store.

How the ShopIntegrator Wordpress ecommerce plugin works

wordpress ecommerce plugin The ShopIntegrator WordPress store plugin places a new store creator button in your WordPress Dashboard 'Visual Editor' to use in placing ecommerce buttons and a fully working checkout in to your post and pages to transform your WordPress site in to a WordPress shop.

You'll also be able to simply drag and drop ShopIntegrator ecommerce widgets in to your sidebar as well to create, 'View Basket/Cart’ or 'Checkout' buttons or links, or Buy Now/Add to Basket/Add to Cart buttons to sell products from your sidebar.

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New Features in WordPress ecommerce plugin version 1.2.1

The latest revision of the ShopIntegrator WordPress ecommerce plugin provides site builders with the tools to use the WordPress sidebar to greater effect. It focusses at improvements to both the choice and functionality of the ecommerce widgets available to this web page layout feature.

A number of changes have been made to the 'Basket’ widget, a small piece of code that inserts a 'View Basket/Cart’ link and 'Basket/Cart Summary’ into the sidebar.

  • It is now possible to use a graphic for the 'View Basket/Cart’ link instead of just a default plain text link. This is a great way to maintain the look and feel of your store throughout the website.
  • The 'Basket/Cart Summary’ can be positioned above or below the 'View Basket/Cart’ link or removed entirely. In previous versions this was a compulsory and fixed feature.
  • More control over the style and layout of the elements that make up the 'View Basket/Cart ’ widget is provided with the new CSS field, into which a custom CSS class can be specified.

In addition to these feature enhancements, the 'Currency Control’ widget has been added to the list of ShopIntegrator ecommerce add-ins that can be dragged into the sidebar from the WordPress 'Appearance menu’. This widget is a menu that allows visitors to select an alternative currency to browse the website in. This widget can also be customised using a custom CSS class.

Download and install/upgrade your WordPress ecommerce plugin

Download and install the latest ShopIntegrator WordPress ecommerce plugin here for free.

Whether you’re a new or existing user, it is incredibly straightforward to install or upgrade to the latest ShopIntegrator WordPress store plugin

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