Yola shopping cart ecommerce integration guide launched

Publish Date: 2013-03-22

It's even easier to turn a Yola website into a Yola store with the ShopIntegrator shopping cart Yola add-in.

Yola shopping cart

Make your business website stand out with Yola Yola has over 7 million users, as one of the most popular 'do-it-yourself' website builders. We wanted to make it even easier by launching a ShopIntegrator ecommerce integration guide.

The ShopIntegrator Yola ecommerce integration guide is ideal for Yola users with small to medium sized business websites looking for a simple and straightforward way to add-in a shopping cart to create an online Yola store.

  • ShopIntegrator uses a clear and simple cut and paste approach to add-in a shopping cart
  • It's simple to add a shopping cart to even a free Yola website
  • Sell digital downloads, sell shippable items, sell personalised products

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Using a ShopIntegrator shopping cart with Yola

The new Yola shopping cart integration guide quickly and easily opens up the full set of ShopIntegrator ecommerce features to Yola store builders, with simple step-by-step instructions.

Easy integration with ShopIntegrator for Yola merchants to sell products with multiple shipping plans using cost calculators by weight, order value or country, and calculate tax on customers orders, connect to a rapidly increacing number of payment processors at the ShopIntegrator checkout to accept debit and credit card and PayPal transactions, sell digital products such as audio, music tracks, software and e-books from their Yola store, and many more ecommerce features. These can quickly and simply be set up using ShopIntegrator.

Yola users are able to customise their checkout and ecommerce buttons to blend in with the style of their Yola site to create a professional online store. ShopIntegrator has a wide choice of ecommerce button add-ins and ecommerce widgets, such as:

  • Buy Now ecommerce buttons
  • Change Currency price convertor
  • Checkout ecommerce buttons
  • Add to Cart ecommerce buttons

ShopIntegrator Yola store demo

We used a free Yola account to build our ShopIntegrator Yola store demo. Our Yola store demo gives you a snapshot of some of the ShopInterator ecommerce buttons and ecommerce widgets available to turn your Yola site into an online shop.

Yola shopping cart store demo

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