Everything you need to make your website and social media pages into successful online stores today.

50 products
25 Mb File storage
No support
Help Guides & Video Tutorials
Sell products, digital downloads, personalised items & services
7 Storefront languages for merchant to choose
Accept payments with PayPal or Offline checkout payments
Facebook store web app
Shipping plan cost calculators
Tax Manager supporting country, state and regional area taxes
Paid Annually*
100 products
150 Mb File storage
+ Free
Email Support
Stock Quantity Control
Product Options
Paid Annually*
4000 products
3 Gb File storage
+ Advanced
Email Support
Multi-currency pricing
Shopper storefront language selection
Conditonal offers
Single use gift voucher codes
eVoucher products
Restrict promotional code to product categories
Multiple tax rate bands within the same country or state/area
Paid Annually*
100000 products
100 Gb File storage
+ Premium
Priority Email Support

* Prices shown exclude VAT, added for European Union countries only. Effective monthly subscription fee shown achieved when paying annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really a free shopping cart software service?

Yes. Open a free online store account to create upto 50 products and it comes with 25MB of file upload storage for your product images and any digital download files you're selling. Every 12 months we'll just need you to logon to your store admin and choose to keep your free account active. We'll send you email reminders closer the time.

What if you've decided on a paid account during the 30 day full feature trial?

We'll give you whatever full feature trial days you have remaining as free bonus days on your purchased subscription so there's no need to wait until the last day of your trial.

Can I upgrade between account types at anytime?

Yes. Simply upgrade online from your Account/User Profile page in the store admin.

How do I purchase a paid subscription?

Purchase a subscription online through your online store web admin after you've signed up for the free account.

What happens after the 30 day full feature trial?

To continue your stores operation you'll need to make a final choice on your account type to choose the free account or to have a paid account. We'll send you email reminders closer to the 30 day full feature trial end date just in case you've forgotten.

Do I need a card to signup?

No payment details are required to sign up for an account.

How do I decide on having a free or paid account?

Use the 'Choose Free or Paid Account Type' button on the store admin homepage and follow the steps to select the free or paid account type.

How do I close my account?

Sorry to hear we're not what you're looking for. Close your account from your Account/User Profile page in the store admin. Thanks for giving us a try.

Need something different?

If you have custom feature requirements not listed, or are looking for a bespoke integration with your own back-end systems, or an Enterprise solution, then contact us to discuss your project's needs.

Compare all package features

Different packages for everyone, choose the pricing and features that fit your business needs. Simply upgrade later if you need more.

  Free Basic Advanced Premium Ultimate
No Hidden Costs - You keep your sales profits!
Per transaction charge
ShopIntegrator does not charge you an order processing transaction fee.
0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Setup Cost
No credit card required instant online set-up with a fully featured no obligation 30 day free full feature trial.
Product Management
Number of Products in Product Manager
How many products you can create in your online web admin
50 100 500 4000 100000
Stock Quantity Control
+ Realtime stock level availability displayed in your web pages.
+ Available stock quantities automatically reduced after each order.
+ Customer shown when Out of Stock, stopping customer buying that product.
Product Categories
Product Options
Product options can be individually stock controlled and each option choice may adjust the price and weight.
Sell Goods & Services
Sell Digital Downloads with Secure File Storage on our Servers
e.g. Sell e-Books, sell audio and music tracks, sell large video downloads, sell software etc.
Donation & Buyer Chooses Value Product Types
Seller sets minimum amount, buyer can enter variable amount at or above the minimum that they wish to pay you.
Sell eVoucher Product Types
After payment automatically generate and issue a single use gift voucher code to the buyer.
Sell Personalised & Customised Product Types
Capture customer personalisation in the checkout for each individual product.
Bulk Import From Spreadsheet CSV File
Bulk create your products, product categories and product options.
Realtime In-page Prices & Stock Levels
Up-to-date prices and stock levels are displayed directly in your web page to reflect any changes that happen to your product prices or stock levels.
File Upload Storage
File Upload Storage Space
Store your digital download products and product images on our servers for super fast delivery through a global Content Delivery Network.
25Mb 50Mb 250Mb 1Gb 100Gb
File Download Bandwidth Usage
The amount of digital download data transferred each month for your downloadable product files.
per month
per month
per month
per month
per month
Product Images
+ Upload and attach multilple pictures to your products to show in your online store.
+ Show a thumbnail image of the product in the cart checkout.
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Super fast global file delivery of customer downloads and product images.
Online Store Features
Store builder toolkit of 25 different ecommerce button types & store widgets
Drop-in a complete online store into your website or use individual product 'Add to Cart' and 'Buy Now' buttons in your web pages as you like.
Facebook web app
A few clicks to add a Facebook store web app to your Facebook page. Centralized product stock & order management across your website store and facebook store.
Social commerce enabled
Sell with product buy now links in emails or on Twitter.
Shopping Cart & Checkout
Keep the shopper on your website with an easy to add shopping cart solution which overlays itself on your site when opened.
Mobile Optimized Checkout
Small screen mobile devices are detected to automatically deliver an optimized mobile checkout experience.
SSL Secured Checkout & Store Admin
Encrypted https secure data transfer for your data.
Appearance Customisation
Easy to use point and click style designers to design your online store to match your website style. Choose from pre-designed built-in ecommerce button ranges or upload custom button images.
Advanced Designer Feature
Add your own custom HTML code into the checkout header and footer sections, set custom checkout sub-heading images.
Multi-Website Integration
Add your online store into your different websites with different domain names for centralised product and order management.
Help Guides & Video Tutorials
Email Support
7 Storefront Languages Multilingual Ecommerce:
English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), French, German, Swedish
Merchant can set the default initial storefront language.
Shopper Selectable Storefront Language
+ Shopper can change preferred storefront language.
+ Merchant can set-up multiple web pages each having a different default initial store language.
Open & Close Shop
Temporarily close your shop so that shoppers may not place orders until you open the shop again.
ShopIntegrator logo removed from checkout
Accept Your Terms and Conditions Before Ordering
Order Management
Order Manager & Order Export to Spreadsheet
Order History
Length of time sales data is stored.
3 months 1 year 18 months 2 years 2 years
Order Confirmation Email
Invoice Document Creation with Integrated Shipping Label
Generate tax compatible printable order invoice documents from your Order Manager which are compatible with A4 invoice paper containing a peel off shipping label section.
Process Free Orders
Free orders go straight to completion in the checkout without going through a payment processors e.g. Free samples, free downloads
Number of Free Orders processed per day 0 0 50 300 1000
Payment Processing & Tax
Accept online payments with PayPal.
Authorize.Net, Authipay, CardSave, eWay, First Data, PayFast, PaymentSense, PayVector, Sage Pay, Stripe, Total Web Solutions, VoguePay, WorldPay
Choose to accept online payments with these additional pre-integrated 3rd party payment processor checkout connectors.
Offline Payment Options:
+ Pay by Bank Transfer
+ Pay Offline
e.g. Pay by Phone, Pay on Collection, Pay on Delivery
Number of Active Checkout Payment Gateways
Give your shoppers a choice of payment options in the checkout
1 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Tax Manager
Set up different country tax rates, e.g. VAT,IVA,TVA,GST and area taxes, e.g. US Sales Tax, Canadian provincial VAT rates in a single tax rate band.
Multi-tax rate bands
Set-up multiple different tax rate bands within the same country or area to sell products that have mixed rate of supply tax rates different to your standard default tax rate for that country or area.
Multi-Currency Pricing
Display all your website's prices in the currency the shopper chooses allowing them to checkout and pay in their preferred currency.
Shipping & Delivery
Shipping Plan Creators
Create fixed cost and variable cost shipping plans calculating delivery charges in the checkout based on delivery country, order value and weight.
Multiple shipping options at checkout
Give your shopper a choice of different delivery options in the checkout
Shipping Dispatch Notification Emails
Easily send customer order dispatch emails with any additional notes using your Order Manager.
Promotions and Marketing
Instant Special Offers
Reduce in-page product prices by money off amount/percentage off
Conditional Special Offers
Reduce in cart unit costs based on variable trigger quantities of products in cart triggering automatic money off amount/percentage off price reductions for certain products or groups of products.
Discount Codes
Shopper enters a single discount code in the checkout for money off or percentage off cost reductions.
Voucher Codes
Multiple money off or percentage off cost voucher codes entered in the checkout which may be limited to the number of times the voucher code may be used
e.g. Single use gift voucher.
Max Discount & Voucher Codes
Total number of discount and voucher codes you may maintain in your account at any one time
0 0 500 4000 100000
Add thirdparty code into order completion web page
Google Analytics Tracking Integration
Google Analytics Tracking Integration
Connect your store checkout with your Google Analytics account to track customers end-to-end in Google Analytics from your website and into the shopping cart checkout.
Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Code Integration
Google Adwords Campaign Tracking Script
Integrate campaign tracking scripts into the customer order completed web page to track conversion order values in Google Adwords Dashboard.
3rd Party Email Marketing Integration
Automatically capture customer emails into different mailing lists based on the products they order. Supported providers:
 Mad Mimi
3rd Party Affiliate Marketing Software Code Integration
Integrate affiliate sales tracking code into the customer order completed web page to assign affiliate referral commission order values in your 3rd party affiliate software.
Usage Statistics of Shopper's Activity